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Jay Conklin

Jay Conklin began his professional career interning at MTV in New York City in 1998. He continued working in Philadelphia and New York before moving out west to Los Angeles in January 2001.

Jay rose quickly through the ranks once he got himself entrenched in post-production and became a full time editor in 2004. In the past decade plus of editing, Jay has become the quintessential free lancer. Having worked on over 60 productions, at dozens of production companies for dozens of different networks, Jay has become a true chameleon of the industry, able to adapt to any style or format thrown his way.

Jay started producing his own sizzle reels and productions in 2010. He produced a few web shorts, and a several reality show sizzle reels.

In 2013 he partnered up with Imagination Road’s Kevin Castro. They came together to produce the “Untitled John Melendez Project”. After putting together a fantastic reel, they were quickly picked up by the large Hollywood agency, ICM.

With the success of the John project, the duo started producing more sizzle reels and taking on projects that others pitched to them.

With combined decades of post-production experience, and gear to shoot and produce their own projects, Imagination Road is ready to continue plowing forward to become a big time player in the Production world.






Jeremy Becker

Jeremy has been working in the film industry for nearly 20 years. He started in production as a camera assist, moving on to post-production and in recent years producing.  He has been part of the producing team on Delirium, Room Service and When in doubt. Jeremy has been involved in non-linear editing since it’s beginnings. He has supplied support for blockbuster Oscar winning films, Emmy award winning episodes, and was hands-on through the birth of reality television. For the last 12 years Jeremy has been responsible for the post technical support of major studios.

He now owns his own post-production support company Objective42 that helps design and support films, television, and live events. His relationship with the various studios and productions has given him a unique perspective, helpful in the design and support of varied production methods and future technologies.







Chris Bunker

Chris Bunker was born in Sacramento, California and raised in a military family. He moved to Los Angeles in 2001 to pursue a career in the film business. For the last 13 years he has worked on multiple feature films and tv shows, including the critically acclaimed film Karla to most recently the reality show Face Off.  In 2003 Chris received his first producing credit for Delirium followed by Room Service in 2006 starring Howie Mandel. After traveling across the world promoting Room Service, Chris came up with the idea for his first TV show and was able to acquire financing to shoot a pilot called Film Festivals Of The World. Since that pilot, producing has become Chris’ number one priority and passion.  Succeeding in Hollywood requires not giving up and making connections through hard work and experience. This is what Chris does best. He brings his never give up attitude to any projects he is involved in.






Boz Adams

Boz Adams is a writer and creative director based in Los Angeles, California.  He has supported numerous projects in the areas of film, television, and theme park entertainment.  Notable projects include the Oscar™ nominated ‘The Fighter,’ the TV series ‘Monk,’ ‘The Tonight Show, with Jay Leno’ and the theme park entertainment spectacle at Disney California Adventure, ‘World of Color.’



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